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Limited edition giclee on canvas in various sizes available

"Scent of a Woman"
woman painting  in red .jpg
Painting size 24x36 $2200

"For your eyes only"
Acrylic painting 24x36 $2100

"Dance Like Nobody is Watching "
Woman dancing with loubotin shoe painting.jpg
Painting size 24x36 $2100

"Revelation" $1700.00
Woman in red dress acrylic painting on canvas.jpg
painting size 24x36

"Soul of a Woman" (Original Sold)
woman with soul in painting 24x36
painting size 24x36


"Sophia! "
painting size 24x36 $1950

"The Fight is Won" $2900.00
woman fighting cancer painting sheri chakamian
Painting size36x36

"Serene" $1900.00
woman body in white sheet painting bedroom art
painting size 24x36

"Secret " (Original Sold)
Woman in purple bikini acrylic painting on canvas called Secret

"Angel" $2900.00
woman in sheer clothing acrylic painting on canvas 24x36.jpg
Painting size 24x36

"Fire" (Original Sold)
sexy woman painting 24x36
painting size 24x36


"It Defines Me" (original Sold)
woman in blackdress and red hat painting.jpg
painting size 24x36 $2500.00

"Feel the Beat" ( Original Sold)
Painting size(24x36)

woman in painting black and white.jpg
Painting size 24x36 $2100


"Exhilaration" (Original Sold)
Woman in freedom in gold original painting .jpg
painting size 30x40

"Dream" (Original Sold)
woman in sheer dress acrylic painting on canvas-012.jpg
painting size 24x36.


Copyright @Sharareh (sheri) Chakamian